26 Feb – The Spoken Word: Marjorie Kanter, Paul Hench, and Sarah Pollard

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.

– Carl Sandburg

26 Feb - The Spoken Word: Marjorie Kanter, Paul Hench, and Sarah Pollard

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on the roof of casa del rio
he tapped his fingers along my palm and said,
I see a happy running girl.
rolling hard he fell asleep
almost instantly, holding me.
I woke alone to gray light and children singing
outside. a cat walking along the wall,
under a tangerine branch. bees.
how far would I travel just trying to induce flying.

Sarah is a poet from Nebraska whose multi-layered works attempt to penetrate and electrify emotional space with a combination of self-expression, wordplay, and myth. Sarah was part of the former Nebraska poetry collective SP CE, and she is interested in alternative and informal poetry that exists among friends and in digital realms.


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Grandma Zelenka
I’m here by your side
Help me understand
Why you lived and died
In this forsaken land
How you and your family
Wound up in this hole
Made of coal and sand

What was a man’s, was a man’s
He was free to wander
What was his wife’s, was also his
To squander

Eleanor Zelenka
Your great-grandmother
Inherited a sum
From her own mother
But Vaclav Zelenka,
Your great-granddad
Lost every last cent
That his wife once had

What was a man’s, was a man’s
He was here to ramble
What was his wife’s, was also his
To gamble

A bleak and ugly place
To which we came
But coal was the future
The name of the game
We came to Wyoming
Cause we were told
Our fortune was written
In the blackness of coal

What was a man’s, was a man’s
He could try an’ make it
What was his wife’s, was also his
He’d just take it

Paul Hench is a teacher (English and Drumming), writer (author of the Twiggy series, books designed to teach English to children through storytelling), musician (drummer and percussionist, currently playing with The Maintenant), and lyric writer. Paul’s lyrics and poetry tell his own story, but go back several generations, delving into the stories of his parents and grandparents (who emigrated from Croatia to Wyoming) asking interrelated questions, like, Where do I come from?, Where am I going? and Why?

You may connect with Paul on Facebook and find out more about his band here.


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Marjorie Kanter will present her new book “Small Talk”, a collection of short literary or poem-like pieces, hybridities, essences and stories, largely based on real experience observed and/or participated in.  “Small Talk plays like jazz music with improvisations, melody and different tempos. It is a compilation of her work imagined, experienced, written and rewritten.”

The Potato Chip Eater: Conventions and Inventions

This American girl
walks into a Casa de Comidas
and sees this local guy
a Spaniard
eating potato chips
one by one
all untouched by
human hands.

She wonders
how she will ever manage this feat
acquire the skill
the skills required of
this chipped

Marjorie Kanter is a writer, public art installer, interactive performance and creativity-writing workshop facilitator, and investigator.  Characteristic in her writing are little interacts and short reflective pieces.  She plays with border crossings, integrating many areas of interest into her creative work including the pragmatics of communication, language development, bilingualism, linguistics, ethnography, psychology, life writing, sociology and inter-culturality.  In her writing, she strives to mesh (all) her different selves, experiences and interests.  Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, she has lived in Spain for the past 30 years.

Learn more about Marjorie here.

The reading starts at 21.00 on Friday February 26th. Bring your positive energy and a cushion to sit on. Lively conversation, new friends and more, before and after the performance. Come join us!


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