22 Jan – Three poets, three readings, three slices of Life!

“Poetry or Truth?”

“Some say they are the same thing.”


– excerpt from the Season Four special of Sherlock BBC


                 —1 of 3—

Marjorie Kanter will present her new book “Small Talk”, a collection of short literary or poem-like pieces, hybridities, essences and stories, largely based on real experience observed and/or participated in.  “Small Talk plays like jazz music with improvisations, melody and different tempos. It is a compilation of her work imagined, experienced, written and rewritten.”


A kid falls.

The mother picks him up. 

She hits him and says,

“You’re going to fall.”


Marjorie Kanter will read some of her texts and facilitate an interactive session that will include a discussion of some of the themes highlighted in her texts and present some ideas for sparking writing and journal keeping.

Marjorie Kanter is a writer, public art installer, interactive performance and creativity-writing workshop facilitator, and investigator.  Characteristic in her writing are little interacts and short reflective pieces.  She plays with border crossings, integrating many areas of interest into her creative work including the pragmatics of communication, language development, bilingualism, linguistics, ethnography, psychology, life writing, sociology and inter-culturality.  In her writing, she strives to mesh (all) her different selves, experiences and interests.  Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, she has lived in Spain for the past 30 years.


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A REMEDY FOR LOVE by Nichole Hastings is a collection of poems and photography that explores love, life, relationships and truth found in nature.  The composer and photographer Nichole Hastings takes you on her journey as she relates her experiences, explorations, and realisations in love while exploring the human condition.

The Other Night

I had a dream the other night
While you were lying next to me in bed
I dreamt of you

I laughed and cried
Awoke to sudden clarity
Filled with intense hope
And that of dread

My feet spasm kicked at the blankets
Tears and a smile adorned my cheeks and lips
Our limbs intertwined
We lay on our sides
Pressed forehead-to-forehead
And hip-to-hip

What did I see in that awaking dream?
What realization could have such an effect?
I could tell you I suppose

But I know
You already know
And saying the words
Will prove the means to our end


Nichole will have some of her photographs that appear in her book available for purchase, the book itself, as well as digital copies.

Nichole Hastings is a poet, ceramicist, photographer, writer, and music lover. Nichole was born in South Korea and adopted at the age of two by a caucasian couple stationed in Seoul, the city of her birth in the late 1970s.  She grew up hiking, camping and fishing in a small rural farming community in New Hampshire; the only girl among her three cousins and a younger sibling. Nichole currently lives in Madrid, Spain.


      —3 of 3—

A Piece of Cake

Think about the moment you stepped off of that plane 

And became aware of everything 

That you were not aware of before.

How long has it been?

Days? Months? Years?

It doesn’t matter,

Everything is different now.

Deal with it, adjust.

Life is fucking hard.

Alexius is a twenty-something from East London. His lyrical interests exist in the grey area between rap and spoken word poetry drawn from both external events and internal emotions. Alexius uses words as a force for self-exploration drawing from darkness in search of a balance with light.

The reading starts at 21.00 on Friday January 22nd. Bring your positive energy and a cushion to sit on. Lively conversation, new friends and more, before and after the performance. Come join us!

Open Bar of wine and beer for 10€ per person.


Barra libre de vino y cerveza por 10€ por persona.

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