12 June – Tinder Dates: A Poetry Reading

Three poets slinging contemporary poems and prose about love in a mobile modern age. Inspired by the Tinder dating app people meet on, and in which some matches try to quickly move the convo to whatsapp, to avoid those unexpected message notifications that appear at awkward times, like when trying to pick up some IRL hottie whilst dazzling them with instagram photos and vid.

There will be an optional Open Mic portion after the readings so please feel free to bring your own poems, prose, a Tinder date (who may or may not know that this is a poetry reading about Tinder dates) to share if you like.

The poets are …


Sarah Pollard is a poet from Nebraska whose multi-layered works attempt to penetrate and electrify emotional space with a combination of self-expression, wordplay, and myth. Sarah was part of the former Nebraska poetry collective SP CE, and she is interested in alternative and informal poetry that exists among friends and in digital realms.




Alexius Robinson is a twenty-something from East London. His lyrical interests exist in the grey area between rap and spoken word poetry drawn from both external events and internal emotions. Alexius uses words as a force for self-exploration drawing from darkness in search of a balance with light.





Nichole Hastings is a ceramic artist, a poet, a photographer and countless other word labels which describe and define the sum total of her. Like Jean-Paul Sartre she believes that words are like a loaded pistol. Except in her case, that pistol is a loaded Kalashnikov Russian AK-47 and the spoken words are its 7.62×39mm ammunition.



The reading starts at 20.00 on Sunday June 12th.  Bring your positive energy and a cushion to sit on. Lively conversation, new friends and more, before and after the performance. Come join us!

5€ tickets or 7€ with Open Bar of wine and beer.


5€ entradas o 7€ con Barra Libre de vino y cerveza.

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