18 Mar – Carlos Pascual opens for Stray Foxes

“Music builds connections and communities, bringing strangers and friends together to share a common expression and experience.”

David Ernsberger and Sally Fazakerley have united their amazing musical talents to form the Stray Foxes. David is a singer songwriter who’s musical repertoire includes the guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, banjo and more. Sally is a singer performer.

For those who have not experienced either David’s or Sally’s performances together or separately, you are in for a delightful treat. As their soulful voices rise and fall, they will arrest and transport you away on a magical journey that when at an end, will stay with you and have you yearning for more.

Check out some of David’s demos here: soundcloud.com/davidernsberger, and explore more of his collaborative project back in the states, Wading Deep, at wadingdeep.bandcamp.com 

Listen to Sally singing with her band The Pareto Principle on soundcloud.

Music is a blessing and is always there for you when you need it. It’s storytelling, it’s your own private psychologist, it’s fun, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s every single emotion. It’s one’s own truth floating through the air and getting into someone else’s mind.”


Carlos Pascual will open for the Stray Foxes. Music all started for him with singing Mary Poppins’s and other children’s songs. As a teenager, Carlos listened to pop-rock and punk-rock. When he was 17 he first encountered folk music and with that special encounter with those raw new sounds, he began playing the guitar which is an instrument he had always felt attracted to. Carlos, also known as Mr. Mushroom composes and performs his own original songs rooted in folk music tinged with hints of pop.

Connect with Carlos and his music here on Facebook, follow him on twitter and instagram, see him on youtube.

The Stray Foxes and Carlos will perform acoustically starting at 21.00 on Friday March 18th. Bring your positive energy and a cushion to sit on. Lively conversation, new friends and more, before and after the performance. Come join us!

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