14 Nov – James Jarman and Special Guests

“Music is a means of expression, of communicating emotions in a manner not possible with mere words. Thus, it’s a ropebridge between souls, enabling human connection. Music is therapy. Through creating, singing, listening, appreciating and experiencing, one can potentially understand oneself better, and maybe even make more sense of reality.”

James Jarman has had an appreciation of harmony, melody and whimsy ever since his parents gave him a vinyl record player and a copy of ELO’s Out Of The Blue. He is a founding member of three Madrid-based bands and can currently be heard at various open mics about Madrid.

James will be performing acoustically along with special guests (playing flute, a cello and another vocalist) starting at 21.00 on Saturday November 14th. Bring your positive energy and a cushion to sit on. Lively conversation, new friends and more, before and after the performance. Come join us!

Donations to the artist are encouraged.
Open Bar of wine and beer for 6euros per person.
Connect with James and his music here on Facebook and soundcloud. Check out what he’s done with his songwriting partner Moez Kahn here. Explore other collaborations he’s done here.

RSVP here.